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Point of sale system designed in collaboration with retail operators

Born from our extensive experience in point of sale systems and managing a multi-location retail enterprise. Acutely aware of the complexities inherent in running a store, we've meticulously crafted a POS solution that caters seamlessly to businesses of all scales, whether singlelocation ventures or global chains.

  • Swift and user-friendly, it ensures effortless operation and smooth onboarding for new staff.
  • Regain command over your business with our location-aware, variable pricing-capable POS.
  • With transparent pricing, fortified by cloud backups and data security, rest assured there are no hidden costs.

Effortlessly oversee data and generate reports from the convenience of your own space. Experience retail management reimagined with TruRetail POS


Multi-Store Capable

Set store level item prices and sales tax rates. Set inventory levels per store. Easily transfer and track inventory between stores in real time.


Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications to help prevent theft. System sends real time notifications for events such as item voids, returns, cash drawer open and shift end


Cloud based with offline capabilities

Reliable cloud storage backed by redundant drives. Limitless product capacity. All data owned by retailer.


Split Payments

Allows multiple modes of payment per order. Allow customers to pay using a variety of payment options including card, cash and loyalty points


Astro Integration

Seamless integration with Astro for Pet store owners. Sync customers, manage frequent buyer rewards and apply Astro offers from within POS system. No cashier training required.


Easy to use

Designed for ease of use. Cashiers can start using the system with minimal training. Customizable home screen with quick buttons for quick checkout.


Backoffice access on the web

Backoffice access on the web. View reports. Update prices. Create vendor orders and more.


Customer database and loyalty

Create a customer directory and offer loyalty points.


Vendor ordering and management

Manage vendors. Create and receive orders.

Astro Integration

Compete with big retailers by offering special offers straight from manufacturers. TruRetail has seamless integration with Astro.

Customer integration

TruRetail automatically creates customer record in Astro as they are added into the system. Avoid duplication and data errors. No training required for the cashiers.

Frequent buyer rewards

TruRetail system reports customer sales to Astro for frequent buyer rewards. Cashiers get notified whenever a customer has frequent buyer rewards ready to be redeemed. Redeem rewards without opening Astro.


Astro applies rebate offers at the time of checkout for your customers to get the best price. Keep your customers happy by offering them rebate offers in real time.


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